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We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the leading mini hydro equipment manufacturers in China. Our production program includes Francis, Pelton, Turgo and Kaplan type turbines together with synchronous generators, governors, brushless exciter systems, hydraulic governors etc. We possess in-house capability to manufacture turbine generator sets up to 20 MW in our 35,000m2 factory, backed by a 200 strong workforce.  

 We also have obtained over ten patents for special designs invented by us in the field of hydropower and have won many international awards and accreditations including QMS ISO9001 (2008). Our design team is associated with the Sichuan University and 25% of our workforce is assigned to R & D.

 It’s pertinent to mention here that we produce electro-mechanical equipment to some of the other major manufacturers of mini-hydro turbines and generators in China.

 Moreover, our package could include the following if requested, in addition to the

Design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of electro-mechanical equipment.

 Project Consultancy

Site Management

Custom designing

Operational guidance

Maintenance guidance


During the last decade or so we have supplied over 600 turbine generator sets to our clients all over the world.

The attached brochure will enlighten you further on our facilities, premises and also on the product line-up.

We hereby invite you to give us an opportunity to submit an offer for your current and future projects. Please be rest assured that we ensure that you would get the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient mini hydro combination you could get anywhere.

We look forward with interest to working with you in the near future.


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